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Well it's been a long wait over 2 months to finally have 7 projects published in 2 magazines with We Rise Magazine ( http://www.werisemag.com ). Follow my page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sveinnphotography

In issue We Rise Mag October 2013 Darkside Cosplay Issue#33C I have a 4 page interview using 10 photos of 5 models. 
 I am so happy to get some of my photos published, I worked so hard at this for 2 months to get everything together. 
Special shout out to Lea Sheler Evans for making this EXTRAORDINARY mask! Thank you! 
The projects I had put together were of various dark side directions, I had this really awesome mask custom tailored for 2 projects and I have been wanting to do a 'Mirror' project where the person has a beauty and a dark side.

Goth Eldur Mask

One of the hardest parts of making these projects was holding back on sharing anything until it made it to publication, delayed gratification is not my strongest suit lol. For the first 'Eldur Mask' series I had used Metamucil and water thrown in the microwave a few times and some red food coloring to make a sort of gooey blood gel. Creepy stuff.  Lori was such a sport as the red food coloring makes your hands red for hours!

Hallowen MaskTheme: Grave Goddess, Model: Tatiana Golechikhina, MUA: Amanda Ashley Shrock

In the second 'Eldur Mask' series I focused on the extraordinary eyes of Tatiana and the halloween feel. This shot was actually in my backyard with a few props from the Halloween store and my Fog machine. Turns out I can't control the wind.. who knew! Amanda Ashley Shrock did such a beautiful makeup job in this one!

The Mirror Mirror project is very special. There will be more like this one in the future. Rosa was the perfect model to show a beautiful and evil look. The background is actually the view from my Mom's farm in upstate New York. Such beauty there. Amanda Ashley Shrock did an awesome job nailing both looks so well.

In the Runaway project my good friend and model Amy had a dress we were allowed to trash and get dirty. Even though this was shot in Florida the water was really cold, we had a hard time getting her to relax in chilly water! The washed out makeup done by Deb at DNA Hair and Makeup came out so well we were all giddy!

In the last project for my magazine submission I went to Fort Christmas, Florida to capture the old and creepy feel of the restored houses there. Yasmeen did a fantastic job and the makeup by Lindsay Hill was perfect for the feel.

To see the whole spread you can purchase the print (11.99) or download (3.99) here:

In the We Rise Mag October 2013 Anime Cosplay Issue#33B I have a model interview with 2 photos from 2 projects, Rogue cosplay and Batgirl Cosplay by Valarie Vorpagel. I had such a fun time, I really look forward to doing more Cosplay photography! 
Batgirl Cosplay Rogue Cosplay
To see the whole spread you can purchase the print (15.99) or download (3.99) here:

Between this and the Cosplay issue, I have 14 total photos in the magazines! Very much looking forward to more awesome shoots later this month!

I want to thank the awesome people who helped me put all this together: Makeup artists: Lindsay Hill, Amanda Ashley Shrock and Deborah N Aubke. Models: Amy Lynn Dorf, Lori Katz, Rosa Hernandez Ferreira, Tatiana Golechikhina, Valarie Vorpagel and Yasmeen Shihadeh.


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