Residential Evil Photoshoot!

June 13, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Last weekend I did a photoshoot with 3 amazingly gorgeous girls called "Residential Evil". It was taken in an abandoned auto repair shop. The shoot went really well, I got more photos than I was anticipating, very happy with that. I had a ton of props to use to give it that post apocalyptic feel with all the ruin and graffiti in the background. Fortunately for us that tire and couch was already there left by someone which made excellent props! Over all it was crazy fun and we got great photos!

I used an Alien Bees 1600 with umbrella and portable battery. The building had open side walls so lots of light spilled in to help with ambient lighting. I ALMOST lost my Flash from the wind passing through, that's how open it was! The breeze was good outside of that. The models did get super hot (pun intended there) but I had lots of water (and beer shhhh) and cold fruit on hand to keep them energized and happy.

Keep your eyes open for more creative photo projects!


Model Credits, please visit their sites to see more of them!

Lindsay Hill

Amy Lynn Dorf (

Valarie Vorpagel (


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