Malice in Wonderland photoshoot

August 17, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I FINALLY finished editing the Malice in Wonderland shoot. It's been a big learning experience! The story of Alice going Evil at the Tea Party and the dark influences of the Cheshire Cat.

My overall concept was to tell a story about Alice going from innocent to evil and killing everyone at the table because the Cheshire cat was influencing her. I managed to get all the shots and reference photos i needed as well as a few extra to play with and a few for the models for their portfolios. 

Putting this shoot together was a huge task but totally worth it. I had purchased so many props just for this shoot, borrowed additional camera equipment, borrowed a huge tea set and various pieces here and there. Then to coordinate 6  models, 3 makeup artists and 1 hair stylist almost made me flip out. Luckily no one canceled or showed up too late to shoot. We were plagued however with rain just after we started shooting and had to put up huge canopies to keep the equipment and models dry! We did a crazy song and dance a few times when the weather couldn't decide if it was going to be dry or just keep raining, but then it just dumped and we had to stay under the canopy for the rest of the shoot. Clean up sucked, let me tell you. And next time I'M TOTALLY GETTING AN ASSISTANT! 

Funny thing, I had to photoshop out the canopy legs here and there, BUT DON"T TELL ANYONE! lol

I want to thank all the models, makeup artists and friends for helping me with this!

Special Thanks to Peggy for her freaking awesome Tea set and Luc and Yaira for their hospitality and letting us rampage across their yard!


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Photography & Concept Sveinn Photography
Mad Hatter (MUA2): Jeremy Smith (
Dormouse (MUA1): Ikeca Margaret Lee (
Alice (MUA1): Lori Katz (
The March Hare (MUA2): Roland Delgado
White Rabbit (MUA2): Madison Winter

Cheshire Cat (MUA3&4): Julia Hope Canto ( )
MUA 1: Lindsay Marie Hill
MUA 2: Jennifer Wallin (
MUA 3: Brayonna (
MUA 4: Makeup assist and hair: Marie Henry



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