The Best Home Studio DIY EVER for less than $90!

January 20, 2016  •  1 Comment

ITS BEEN A WHILE! I'm still here but dammit I keep forgetting to blog! That will change soon with Video Blogging!

So there I was, staring off into nowhere like usual thinking about how to get an easy way to do quick portraits at home, mostly for a few select clients and the occasional Selfie (yeah I know, just use your cellphone, THAT'S BORING!). So I was like, ok, well, i just need some white background, I sure didn't feel like standing up my portable backdrop gear and unroll paper every time i wanted a quick snap. 

THEN IT OCCURRED TO ME.... why not just use a projector screen? I mean why not? Don't walgreens do similar? So I got on Amazon and got me a large 84x84 Projector screen and bracket for LESS THAN $90! WITH PRIME! 


So what you say? Well here's what you can do easy and quick like!

layoutLayout layoutLayout

Here's some final edits from this, notice in the second setup the light pointed at the screen has a gel on it!

IMG_8791-smallIMG_8791-small IMG_mixIMG_mix


What settings and lights did I use? how do I replicate this setup?

I'm shooting with a Canon 6D with a 28-135mm Lens at ISO 250, F8 and Shutter 1/160

3 lights: 2 Yongnuo 600s (roughly 1/8th power) one speedlight is using the Magmod set with gel and diffuser and 1 Neewer AD-360 roughly 1/4th power with a beauty dish

The first shot is close to the screen and the beauty dish will help light the background, second and third are much further away.

Until Next Time!


Bruna Jimenz(non-registered)
You are so right on about this. And yes Walgreen's does use a screen to take password photos. This is an awesome blog.
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