Who pays Who the "Paid vs Trade" Conundrum

February 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Are you a Photographer? Are you a Model? It's more than a hobby?


Well here's something I KNOW you have kicked around in the dirt more than once. The who is paying who issue. Is the photographer hiring the model, or is the model hiring the photographer? Keep in mind this is aimed at both Photographers and Models, pro and amateur alike. Just because YOU consider it a hobby, doesn't mean the other person does....

Let's face it! We all ask the question, we all flounder at the answer. In its simplest form, you always pay for what you want right? So what makes the photographer and model industry so difficult? Because we depend on each other. Sure clients will continue to want to hire us, no question there. But what happens when our client is in the same industry. We should all get paid or at least get something that will help us right? But we can't buy tacos with experience, or at least not at the Taco places I eat at LOL


So let's break this down. Exactly what are we providing? Do we really understand each other? Photographers do more than just click the button, our job starts before we even show up and long after we leave. Same with models, they put in effort before even showing up and they maintain after they leave! This diagram might help a little to get you to understand each other more.

What you get photogWhat you get photog What you get modelWhat you get model


Ok cool story bro, so what? right? Well let's look at what is actually costing us to stay in our industry. Both photographer and model have to eat right? Well consider what they need to pay for and provide before you automatically assume there is no cost.

What you pay for PhotogWhat you pay for Photog What you pay for modelWhat you pay for model


So now you know. Both sides put in money and effort to be where they are. Stop assuming everyone should do it for free! Consideration and respect goes both ways and is deserved by everyone in our industry. I would love to hear your stories and thoughts!





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