What to see in Iceland

Some things are googleable, for those I am not sure or know it's not on google i have gps coordinates. These are places "I" like to go, so take that with a grain of salt, this is not the guide for what's popular or touristy, although I do have a few staples in there for first timers.

BRING YOUR OWN FOOD DRINKS AND SNACKS. Once you leave RVK (rekjavík) its expensive. Don't worry about water, its good everywhere so just have a refillable water bottle. Don't leave trash, don't use the wilderness as your private toilet. Just drive a little further and use a real one. Don't walk on the moss, don't camp places that are not designated for camping, and PLEASE don't drive off the road. It takes the wilderness MANY years to grow and repair even the smallest damage


For real, the hotdogs in iceland are made mostly from Lamb, they garnish with am Icelandic brown honey mustard (sinnep), Ketchup, Remulaði which is kind of like an aoli sauce, deep fried onions and raw onions. That's what they call 'Einn með Öllu' one with everything. you can of course skip some stuff and some places have more toppings and choices. If you can find it, try the hotdogs deep fried! I know a place in Akureyri does it and a few in Reykjavík.

The People

In general everyone has some english ability, but we all appreciate it when you attempt to say Takk (thank you) Góðan Daginn (good day) and Takk Fyrir Mig (after a meal you say to the host thanks for me) Icelandic service is like in most european places, you don't tip and they do their job and are usually nice. Be prepared that some people are just not going to kiss your ass like they do in America for a tip. If you are polite, they usually are too. Also many restaurants around the country have hired foreign nationals, so be prepared for subpar english and no icelandic. no joke. 

Getting around

Public transport is very good around Reykjavik and there are even buses to other cities, but to really explore rent a car! Be prepared for a lot of insurance cost, yes you probably need it. Rocks, sand and gravel roads will mess your car up big time and quickly. Don't rely on bus drivers in town to know where is what, bring a map and use your GPS. 

Check out one of my around iceland videos



Reykjavík area

Cafe Babalu
Nice local food and good coffee, great hangout place to chill and get wifi
22, Skólavörðustígur, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Café Loki
For traditional icelandic snacks and food with a view of the Hallgrimskirkja
28, Lokastígur, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Up North

Frida Chocolate
an absolute treat for the mouth and eyes, this wonderful cafe is run by an artist who also makes chocolate. the cafe is super cute and the chocolates are totally worth it
40a, 76, Siglufjörður, Iceland


In Reykjavík

A small bar with bar food, their burgers are pretty delicious and they usually have a deal on steak and beer! a great cheap eats place
Bergþórugata 21, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Ramen Momo
I love ramen, so I of course love this place lol, they have a good menu and are super friendly, great for cold days!
Tryggvagata 16, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Grandi Matthöll
They have a few things in here, all good eats and decent prices, highly recommend the Korean fusion place and get that burger!
Grandagarður 16, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

In Grundarfjörður

Fancy meals with a great view and decor
15 350, Sólvellir, Grundarfjörður, Iceland




Reykjavík area:

Grótta Island Lighthouse

Out at the end of Seltjarnarnes make sure if you go over during low tide you watch the tide so you don't get stuck!



Laugardalslaug (swimming pool)

Sundlaugavegur 105, Reykjavík, Iceland


Heiðmörk öauðhólar

Just outside of Reykjavík on route on the right, its red lava



Reykjanes Peninsula


Bridge America - Europe

Take the turn on this road, its near Sandvík on West part of Reykjaness peninsula

63°51'55.2"N 22°40'43.1"W
63.865327, -22.678645


Valahnúkamöl a really fantastic place to see sunset and a lighthouse, it´s on the road near Sandvík on West part of Reykjanes peninsula  

Take a turn off of nesvegur 425 at

63°49'29.4"N 22°39'43.7"W
63.824825, -22.662140



Glymur Waterfall

This is a REALLY awesome hike and a flipping fantastic view! To get there you have to drive route 1 north then take turn off to 47 to the right and follow that all the way to the end of Hvalfjörður about an hour out of Reykjvík. You park then hike all the way up, expect this to be an hour or two, the waterfall is 900 meters up and is really magnificent

Hvalförður (Iceland)Hvalförður (Iceland)Hvalförður from the Glymur Hiking Trails


Inner Iceland the traditional landkmarks


‘Golden Circle’

If you google it you will see a map of it, its a circle around the landmarks

Def see þingvellir, laugarvatn, geysir and gullfoss it's all on the ´golden circle´

The secret is to head out REALLLLY early, like I'm talking be at the landmarks at sunrise and hit the landmarks then go to Laugarvatn Fontana to sit in the hot springs to chill out and then eat

their Rugbrauð they make right there using the hot springs! Take a loaf with you, seriously.

Tourist usually get to the landmarks around noon and onward and its busy



South Iceland

Take route 1 out of Reykjavík, you will hit a lot on that route, waterfalls, towns, sands and eventually the Iceberg Lagoon out east

Def hit Skogafoss and see the museum there

Then Dyrhólaey (about 2.5 hrs out of town) which is a fantastic lookout and great spot to see all around and then drive around and go to Black Beach Restaurant and see the giant black beach in person.DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON THE WAVES for serious.

IMG_8733-watermarkFBIMG_8733-watermarkFB IMG_9167-watermarkFBIMG_9167-watermarkFB Skógafoss IcelandSkógafoss Iceland

For a great guided hike check out

Icelandic Mountain Guides Skaftafell theres a couple water falls on this hike

Turn off route one at

64°00'19.9"N 16°56'38.8"W
64.005522, -16.944123


Svínafellsjökull its at turn off Route 1 road

63°59'40.0"N 16°54'12.0"W
63.994451, -16.903324


Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

By the time you get out to here you will need to stay the night since you will have already seen so much on the way there, highly recomend staying in Höfn for the night then hitting up this place early am (check tides as you want to catch it as its going out) you really need to take the small boat tour, skip the big one, its worth the money to get on the small boats!



Snæfellsnes Peninsula:

This whole place is awesome to take a circle around

Take route 54 out of Borgarnes and then follow that all the way left circle around Snæfellsnes and should be in time for dinner at the restaurant Bjargarsteinn which is an AMAZING eatery! The whole circle has random places to stop and see really


Djúpalónssandur a wild black beach

64°46'02.3"N 23°52'14.3"W
64.767301, -23.870637



Skarðsvík beach

A very cool beach, if you catch the tide out that is, its very windy in this area usually and it has a powerful wave crashing view!

64°52'51.9"N 23°59'06.5"W
64.881085, -23.985136


Öndverðarnes lighthouse

A really great and creepy area and lighthouse take road at

64°53'31.4"N 23°57'40.4"W
64.892067, -23.961221




Towards the back of the town is a small parking lot and you can walk to the waterfall over some rocks

64°53'36.3"N 23°42'56.3"W
64.893410, -23.715624

Olafsvik IcelandOlafsvik Iceland



Check out this town, it's my home town and the famous Kirkjufell is there as well as an awesome waterfall

Northern Lights Grundarfjörður (Iceland)Northern Lights Grundarfjörður (Iceland) The touring boat (Iceland)The touring boat (Iceland)The touring boat, one of the fish factories and Kirkjufell (Church Mountain) in Grundarfjörður YUNC0007-watermarkFBYUNC0007-watermarkFBDCIM\100MEDIA



You can take a ferry from here to a remote island then on to the Westfjords for more driving exploration






Kolaportið (flea market) is open on the weekends and is a great place to find second hand stuff and cool deals on seafood

Tryggvagötu 19 , Old Harbour, Grófin, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland


Penis Museum

I dont need to say anything else, it does cost to go it

Laugavegur 116, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland