TF (Trade For Print/CD/Time) and Cross Promotional Work FAQ

From time to time Sveinn Photography will accept TF work or cross promotional work. Each project is reviewed on a case by case basis, Sveinn Photography is a business for profit but will consider if the project does helps promote the business or increase marketing to a paying client base. Sveinn Photography reserves the right to refuse any project that does not provide value to both sides. 


Potential Model Clients:

Sveinn Photography has an Approved list of sponsored models that can work TF or at Discount. To be on this list you MUST meet the below requirements and pass an interview process. You may be required to attend a Paid Pinup Workshop to asses ability ( A TF project must be something that could potentially add value to the portfolio of both parties.

  1. Facebook fanpage or Instagram Fanpage with a total following of 2,000 or more
  2. Consistent professional work being shared on said fanpage(s)
  3. An understanding of copyright laws and ethics of photo fair use
  4. Familiar with the Sveinn Photography portfolio
  5. Posing Experience


To be considered for this list please send an email to [email protected] and we will send you a form and TF contract to review.